Set high standards 




 Are you a “whatever it takes” actor or a “whatever I can get” actor?

If you want to stay in the game, don’t settle. If you’re having trouble finding work, don’t lower your standards. Elevate your standards. We all, inevitably, move towards the standards we’ve set for ourselves. 

Audition and train with purpose. When we give purpose to our actions, we get results from our actions. We create wins for ourselves. Think about how often you’d like to audition, what kinds of characters you want to play and what direction you want to head in. Set your standards and keep them high. Let’s figure out what we can do together to help transform you into the vision of what you want to be on screen. The stronger and more detailed your vision is, the better it can be expressed on set. I see big things ahead for you, but you must see them too for this to work. There’s no shortage of work out there. 


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