The Professional Actor’s Most Potent Weapon


An well-rounded actor should have many skills and abilities. The strongest ability, in my opinion, isn’t something that you learn in an acting class or even on set. For some people, it’s the scariest of all things to do, but eventually becomes the most liberating. This weapon adds value and a sense of confidence and self-worth.  This weapon is the ability to say “no”.

Your time as a person and as an actor are valuable.  Don’t give your time away to things that aren’t fulfilling. People often undervalue themselves when it comes to marketing their skills. As a person adds value to themselves, they bring added value to projects. If you stick to improving your craft, special skills and circle of influence, you will come to a point that you need to turn certain work down. Not all projects elevate you. Not all projects pay well enough. Not all projects are compelling. Not all projects are “opportunities”. Turn these things down. When you do it once and nothing bad happens, it’ll become way easier.

I recently met an actor that was super stressed out. He told me that he was “just taking everything for a few years”. This guy is going broke working on project after project that doesn’t pay and lots of projects that don’t see the light of day. Is that what you want? Is that part of your plan? Do you have a plan? Can you imagine what it will feel like to actually turn down a role, because you can?

Why are precious gems and metals expensive? They are rare.  The rarity creates value. Be rare, my friend. Be rare.
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