The Mental Actor

Healthy mental approach is the most important thing, in my opinion, when it comes to acting and acting career. This will be the first of many posts, by me, on this subject. There’s something that attracted you to acting. Some kind of fantasy seduced you into the industry. We are often told to cast aside our fantasies and be realistic.  I don’t agree with this.  I’m ok with being practical, but realism is for those that will eventually be average. You didn’t start your journey, to be average.

First step of a healthy mental approach is to take ownership of your fantasy. We as actors often are embarrassed to speak of our ultimate goals.  If you want to be a movie star, say that dammit! Get comfortable and confident with your dream. When you modify your speech to avoid the ridicule and judgement of others, you actually begin to modify your path. Aiming low is not compelling. When our goals are no longer compelling, a dream becomes a chore. Never let this happen. Two people in a healthy relationship, never stop seducing each other. Never let your dreams stop seducing you.

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