Apps for Filmmakers: June Edition

We live in a time where filmmaking can be made way easier and mobile.  Here are a couple of my choices for apps that are helpful to those of you in the film world. Unless you have a phone like the one pictured, you’ll likely find these helpful.



LineLearner and LineLearner Pro (don’t confuse with Line Learner)

Don’t have anyone to read lines with you?  This app lets you record line with or without another person and use playback to rehearse by yourself.  There are paid and unpaid versions of the app.



Celtx Script

The people at Celtx have an entire family of useful apps. Celtx Script is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a screenwriting app. It automatically syncs what you’ve written onto the cloud, when you’re logged in. It formats and converts scripts to PDF. It also works well with the rest of their apps like Sides, Shots and Scout.

Check out the family of Celtx apps Celtx mobile apps


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