Dream bigger with higher frequency 

Do you ever find yourself unmotivated? As actors we all have to go through certain steps that may not be all that exciting. Email, planning and networking are part of the job. What did you do to advance your career? Remember why you started. Remember that huge dream. That dream will compel you to do more.  Your big dreams are magnetic. People that live a life of dreaming big will find that other people are drawn to them like a bee to nectar.

The ambition and motivation of our characters help us to connect. They help us tell the writer’s story. As actors, we want to be true to that. As a human being, are you being true to your own story? Are you living a life that moves you towards the ending  you truly desire? “Yes” is the only answer a person should accept. Your dream is a gift that can impact the world in ways you can’t imagine. Live it and one day you’ll give it. 

Write your dream down. Place reminders in places you’ll see them, to reinforce your vision. Dream big. Dream often. Take action. Encourage those around you to do the same. On your last day, I promise that you will not regret living a life that follows your dreams. 


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