You are a Product: 21 Ways to Sell Yourself as an Actor

This is a great list. It reinforces many of the things I teach.


Successful self-promotion for actors is crucial to the success of an acting career. The problem is that so many actors are at a loss for how to get their work seen. I have found that many actors believe that all that is necessary to start an acting career is to “be able to act”. Some don’t even think that is necessary.
The first thing you must understand is that You are a ‘PRODUCT’ and a product must reach its ‘CONSUMERS’.The more a person who wants to become an actor knows about marketing and selling themselves, the more likely it is that they will be able to enjoy a sucessful acting career.

Here are 20 ways to sell yourself and to make you think about what you could be doing to get the industry recognition you deserve.

1. Submit to casting web sites.

2.Find a talent agent.

3. Hire a publicist…

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What are you growing in your filmmaking garden?


A filmmaker’s career is like the soil.  The soil will only grow what has been planted. The soil doesn’t discriminate between what is edible and what is poisonous. Whatever is planted and fertilized will eventually become the crop. Occasionally, the wind may blow a useful seed into the right place, but the best way to ensure the right thing is planted in the right place is to do a bit of farming.  What are you planting in your mind? Do your actions match the results you want? Don’t allow poor habits to move you further from your dreams. Tend to your career as if it were a garden. Plant something useful. Water and fertilize.  Remove the weeds. It takes time, but eventually you’ll harvest a nice crop.

Apps for Filmmakers: June Edition

We live in a time where filmmaking can be made way easier and mobile.  Here are a couple of my choices for apps that are helpful to those of you in the film world. Unless you have a phone like the one pictured, you’ll likely find these helpful.



LineLearner and LineLearner Pro (don’t confuse with Line Learner)

Don’t have anyone to read lines with you?  This app lets you record line with or without another person and use playback to rehearse by yourself.  There are paid and unpaid versions of the app.



Celtx Script

The people at Celtx have an entire family of useful apps. Celtx Script is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a screenwriting app. It automatically syncs what you’ve written onto the cloud, when you’re logged in. It formats and converts scripts to PDF. It also works well with the rest of their apps like Sides, Shots and Scout.

Check out the family of Celtx apps Celtx mobile apps


An actor’s habits are a reflection of their standards. We always gravitate towards the standards we’ve set for ourselves. What habits have you created that set you up for success? Remember, it’s not just about acting. It’s also about having a happy life.

Think of a measurable and achievable goal for your acting career. Write it down and set a deadline.

Think of a personal happiness goal. Write it down and set a deadline.

Set a health goal. We can’t be happy without our health. Write it down and set a deadline.

Elevate your standards.

Repeat above.

Book Actors Should Read: May Edition

The Intent to Live: Achieving Your True Potential as an Actor, by Larry Moss is one of the most practical and enjoyable books that I’ve read on our craft.  Larry teaches you how to find truth in script and how an actor can use these truths to bring their interpretation of a character to life. Below is a link to the book and a video.

The Intent to Live: Achieving Your True Potential as an Actor

I Know What to Do So Why Don’t I Do It, by Nick Hall goes into details about human behavior that will serve you in a couple of ways. 1) Recognizing why people make certain decisions can help you in developing character. 2) Understanding why you don’t get important things done will help you on the business side.

This book starts creating solutions and understanding, very quickly.  I grabbed the audible version using a credit. I’ll set you up with a link for 2 free credits. Otherwise, the book is $52.46 for the audio version.
I Know What to Do So Why Don’t I Do It

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Video of Nick Hall

How to Win Friends and Influence People, by Dale Carnegie is the mother of all networking and success books. Dale Carnegie was one of the most successful people in history. This book will transform your professional and personal life, if you choose to apply the teachings. I listen to or read this book several times a year. Just do it.

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