Filmmaking: Behind the Scenes

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In a modern world of smartphone videos posted to social media in seconds, nearly everyone is familiar with film. Few have an understanding of how to do it well. You don’t have to be Steven Spielberg to produce great video, but you surely can take some hints from the pros. Todd Chappell‘s filmmaking guide, “Video Production Primer,” will fill us in.

Have A Strong Start

It is easy to become camera-eager; don’t just run out and start shooting video. This is the biggest mistake you will make. Chappell calls the first step of filmmaking pre-production. It is the most important step and should take the longest. Pre-production consists of planning out everything from the shoots to the budget. Write the script: whether it will be a screenplay for fiction filmmaking, or a two column AV script for documentaries and other nonfiction film. Another frequent mistake is basing…

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No excuses… Make An Actor Website!

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Make a FREE Actor Website!

Ten years ago (or even five years ago) I could understand if an actor said “It’s too expensive to have a website” but now websites are cheaper and easier to build than ever! There is no excuse not to have one! Watch my quick video and learn how to make a basic actor website in less than 30 minutes for $0!

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Cinematography Gimmicks

Orange Drive, directed by Mark Lester, is a short film that could easily be written off for being a gimmick. But somehow, it’s so much more. For the entire film (until the end), the camera remains mounted to the hood of the Danny’s car. This makes for an interesting effect when cutting between night and day […]