What are you growing in your filmmaking garden?


A filmmaker’s career is like the soil.  The soil will only grow what has been planted. The soil doesn’t discriminate between what is edible and what is poisonous. Whatever is planted and fertilized will eventually become the crop. Occasionally, the wind may blow a useful seed into the right place, but the best way to ensure the right thing is planted in the right place is to do a bit of farming.  What are you planting in your mind? Do your actions match the results you want? Don’t allow poor habits to move you further from your dreams. Tend to your career as if it were a garden. Plant something useful. Water and fertilize.  Remove the weeds. It takes time, but eventually you’ll harvest a nice crop.


apps for filming scenes on no-budget

Clips are very important to an actor that’s just starting out. Sometimes they can be very hard to get. Technology, however, is making it much easier to create our own content. If you have a smartphone or tablet, some creativity and a little patience, you can create content that looks professional and will put your talents on display.

The first app I would recommend is FiLMiC Pro. This app increases the manual setting capabilities of your phone. It allows you to have more control and make your video look more professional.

The next is Movie Looks. This is a post-production app that allows you to color-grade your video and give the final product a look similar to many of the popular TV shows and movies.


Also, get a good editor. I use iMovie, because I have an iOS device. There are several other premium and free options, though. 

Obviously it takes more than just a couple of apps to create a great scene, but these apps will help you upgrade what you’re doing. I’ll get more in depth on self-shooting in a later post. At the time of this post, both of these were paid apps. In the meantime, get to work!