What are you growing in your filmmaking garden?


A filmmaker’s career is like the soil.  The soil will only grow what has been planted. The soil doesn’t discriminate between what is edible and what is poisonous. Whatever is planted and fertilized will eventually become the crop. Occasionally, the wind may blow a useful seed into the right place, but the best way to ensure the right thing is planted in the right place is to do a bit of farming.  What are you planting in your mind? Do your actions match the results you want? Don’t allow poor habits to move you further from your dreams. Tend to your career as if it were a garden. Plant something useful. Water and fertilize.  Remove the weeds. It takes time, but eventually you’ll harvest a nice crop.


An Actor Must…..

Get professional headshots. Headshots are the gateway to the majority of your opportunities. The longer you go without them, the more gigs will pass you by. Don’t make the mistake of getting pictures taken by your friend that dabbles in photography. I know you can get those pics free or cheap, but they likely won’t move you in the direction you want to head. Fewer calls will lead to less inspiration. Less inspiration can lead to giving up. Great headshots get you work and help keep your dream alive. 

 In Athens/ATL, I recommend Griffspix. He does great work and has photographed me and many of my students. No matter where you live, you can do a search and find a good headshot photographer. It can be pricey, but spend the money. Headshots are an investment in your dreams. What better investment could you make?

Make sure that you pay attention to what  current headshot trends are hot. Take a peek at some of the larger agency websites and see what they’ve approved for their actors. When you get your proofs, select a look that you want to sell. Select a look that is the fantasy of what types of characters you’d love to play. 

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