What’s your Twitter handle?


 Are you in the film industry and utilize social media to promote your talents? Comment with your Twitter, YouTube, Facebook page or other info. Let’s see if we can get you some more followers or subscribers. Every few weeks, I’ll promote the pages of a few different people. 



Twitter Accounts Actors should follow


A former talent agent turned manager/producer. This person knows their stuff. Great advice in very few words.


A casting director. She’s on your side, folks. She wants to see you succeed. I’d recommend taking her advice. She also has a killer YouTube channel.


You name the topic, they cover it. There’s lots of variety. You’ll never get bored or run out of things to learn.

Actors of the Month

@SlickSchultz & @MelSaysWhat

Two talented folks with plenty of upside.

Director of the Month


An actor’s director. Fun to work with.